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ATV930D45N4 : 45kW 380-480V 3PHASE

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General presentation

the offer Altivar Process drives can help improve equipment performance and reduce operating costs by optimizing energy consumption and user comfort. Altivar Process drives provide a wide range of integrated functions, such as:

  • Safety and automation functions that meet the requirements of the most demanding applications
  • Various optional fieldbus modules available for seamless integration into the main automation architectures
  • Numerous configurable I/O as standard to facilitate adaptation to specific applications
  • Intuitive commissioning using the graphic display terminal
  • Local and remote access and monitoring using the embedded Web server
  • Energy savings and protection of the grid by means of integrated harmonic filters
  • Installation EMC conformity by means of integrated EMC filters

Depending on the power range, Altivar Process is available with several mounting types and protection indices:

  • Wall-mounting IP 20 and 21/UL Type 1 from 0.75 kW/1 HP to 315 kW/500 HP, ready-to-use for easy integration inside or without an enclosure in an electrical room
  • Wall-mounting IP 55 from 0.75 kW/1 HP to 90 kW/125 HP, ready-to-use for easy integration in harsh environment and installations close to the system to reduce the length of the motor cable (the wall-mounting IP 55 offer is available with and without a disconnect switch)
  • Floor-standing IP 21 and IP 54 from 110 to 315 kW, ready-to-use with minimum dimensions for easy, optimized integration in an electrical room in a standard or harsh environment
  • Cabinet integration from 75 to 1200 kW/125 to 1200 HP, designed for easy and cost effective integration of power intensive drives into cabinets.
  • Cabinet integration IP 20 from 0.75 to 90 kW/1 to 125 HP, for easy and cost effective drive configuration inside enclosures.


  • Long distance heavy conveying
  • Bucket wheel excavator
  • Special cranes
  • Gantry cranes
  • Grab cranes
  • Crushing
  • Grinding mills (ball mills, SAG and AG mills)
  • Spiral and magnetic separators
  • Reclaimers and stackers
  • Ship loaders
  • Mobile miner
  • Vibro feeders
  • Crusher
  • Long belt conveyor
  • Kiln main drive
  • Separator for VRM (Vertical Roller Mill)


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